About Us

Rodney and cheryl Mar 2013

Rodney and Cheryl Rickard were both born and raised in North Carolina. They love
working together as a team to offer clients a broader perspective and wide range
of services.

Rodney starting working with his dad in the High Point Furniture Showrooms at the
young age of 12. He learned the trade of hanging wallpaper and painting, like his
father and grandfather before him. He worked as an apprentice with his uncle and
father-in-law, who both built houses, which is where he initially became interested in
construction. He built his own first home before he turned 20. A member of the Home
Builders Association of Winston-Salem, Rodney is a hands-on builder, working closely
with the home owner and sub-contractors, and is personally involved in every stage of
construction and renovation – just as though it was his own home.

Early in their marriage, Cheryl concentrated on her role as a wife and mother before
going to work in the professional world. She started her design training by working
part-time with interior designers for Alderman Studios styling soft-goods on their
photography sets. Cheryl also worked alongside interior designers in the High Point
Showrooms, and learned hands-on the basics of design as she helped prepare spaces
for the Spring and Fall Shows. She later went to work for US Airways and Continental
Airlines, which gave her a strong foundation in customer service skills. After 911
and the decline of the airline industry, she worked as the Executive Assistant at the
UNC School of the Arts, assisting the Chancellor, COO, and the Board of Trustees.
Although she had a professional career, she always had a deep interest for design,
and decided to leave her career to pursue her passion of Interior Design at Forsyth
Technical Community College. Blending her customer service abilities with her
expertise in business administration and now interior design, Cheryl compliments
Rickard Construction & Design, and is eager to work with home owners with their
interior design needs.

Rodney and Cheryl have been married for 40 years, and their first love is family. They
have two sons, Jeremy and Ryan Rickard, who have their own real estate company,
Excellecore Group, Inc., serving the Tampa Bay Area in Florida. Rodney frequently
travels to Florida to help with renovation projects for Excellecore Group. Jeremy is
married to Valerie and they have 2 children, Colby and Tatum, and Ryan is married to
Tina and they have one daughter, Kendall.